How It Works

As A seller :   Look for any snowboards,  bindings,  outerwear,  accessories etc.  that you would like to sell.   Take good high quality photos and email them to with the specified price for each item.   within a couple of days your items will be posted on the site for sale.   For Each item sold 15% of sale  price will be kept by Board Dungeon for hosting the product.   buyers will be responsible for paying for shipping,  however it is your job as the seller to ship the item in a timely manner or transaction will not go through.


as a buyer :    simply go online and shop the site.   if you have any questions regarding an item just email us at  and we will do our best to answer your question promptly.   as a buyer you are responsible for shipping costs,  so keep that in mind when purchasing!  

Also, As a buyer your information will be shared with the person you are buying from. this way they are able to ship direct to you in the quickest way possible. 


Remember !!  On this site the products bought,   and sold,   are by fellow snowboarders.  please do your best not to mislead your product ,  and ship your product asap .  who knows ,  if you try and rip someone off you may just see them on the hill a few days later..  

All Sales are final. no returns, refunds, or warranties! this is a third party website.